Eateries & Drinks

Our Dining arena is available round the clock for effortless and convenient dining. Our la-Carte menu offers best and quick service with variety of items to choose from in breakfast, lunch and dinner at your door room. We specialize in classic French cuisine with delectable punjabi cuisine, mouth-watering and finger-licking Indian, Chinese, Western, Continental, Mexican food. One can choose from a wide range of coffee blends and unique selection of teas fully sourced from the Himalayan valley. Our expertly crafted cocktails, mocktails and curated beverage selection from the best perfectly complement every dish whereby boosting your dining experience in our captivating ambiance. Don’t miss this unforgettable journey which will tantalize your tastebuds thereby igniting your senses.

The Ball-Bar

The Relegent Hotel, Delhi offers fully designed venues for dining and drinking where the exceptional and unique moments are exchanged along over the food, drinks and engaging conversations. Our center of attraction stand out of all bounds is our bar that’s fully stocked with the best selection of spirits across the world along-with mouth watering and finger-licking snacks (both Veg and Non-Veg). Our food and beverage spaces fully appeal to food and drink lovers and our guests who want to experience international and regional flavors to enjoy life King-size .


When one is pressed with time and on the outlook for an extra special evening with soothing tea or coffee, our hotel lounge fulfills any craving with a variety of fresh baked pastries, cakes, sandwiches, light bites, and much more to enjoy with our every sip of tea or coffee. Our crafted perfection of mouth-watering cakes, light bites and many more will embrace your spirit and the ambiance at our lounge will give you a moment of life to cherish upon always. Our lounge will surely take your breath away by making your evening a special one with your loved ones or for having special meeting with client.